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Heraldic Description for the Adams (English) Coat of Arms (Family Crest)

Crest: A gold lion salient.
Arms: A silver shield with five gold estoiles on a red cross.
Motto and translation: Certior in coelo domus (A surer home in heaven).
Coat of Arms Origin: London, England.

Adams spelling variants (also available from us) include Adames, Adam, Adamson, MacAdam, MacAdams and more.

Other versions of the Adams coat of arms (family crest) may be available here.

Another coat of arms image design and special offer is available for this surname here.


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Adams (England) Coat of Arms (Family Crest)

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The coats of arms or shield images shown on this website are smaller website images, but the image you will receive will be much clearer and of a much higher quality (600dpi). These PNG files have a transparent background which can be printed onto your own background in very high quality to at least A3 (420 x 297 mm or 16.5 x 11.75 inches) in size without any noticeable loss of quality.

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The coats of arms (family crest) and shield images from us are:

Green Tick Fully authentic, as recorded in ancient heraldry documents such as Burke’s General Armory and Riestap’s Armorial Général, amongst others.

Green Tick Normally the oldest known coat of arms most associated with the surname.

Green Tick Created in very high quality as a transparent PNG file. Other sites normally sell as a JPG with a white background, so your own background won’t show through, often at much higher prices.

Green Tick Carefully checked and rechecked to ensure the details and quality are of our usual high standard.

Green Tick Unique to us – we create these images ourselves and can create coats of arms images from scratch, normally at no additional cost.

In addition, you can order any specific coat of arms (or family crest) or country of origin when ordering. Some coats of arms were registered (or granted) in specific countries or areas and there are often more than one coat of arms registered for the same surname. So if there’s one in particular you would like, please let us know when ordering or contact us with the details.

Coats of Arms Image Uses

The coats of arms (family crest) images you can order from us can be used in many different ways and you are free to use any way you see fit. However, the images must not be resold or shared (made available free or for sale anywhere else) and should not be used for commercial use (specifically, not for use on product images or marketing), so personal use only. Use on business cards and letterheads is permitted. Please contact us to check if you are unsure.

Some great ideas for these coats of arms images:

Green Tick Print onto your own paper and backgrounds (including family tree sheets).

Green Tick Display as a digital image.

Green Tick Display as a larger image on a flag or banner – please specify the PNG (or JPG) image size (pixel height) and DPI requirement when ordering from this order page.

Green Tick Use as the image for customised coasters and place mats.

Green Tick Apply to ceramic and other surfaces (i.e. mugs, drinking glasses and tankards, tiles, plaques, etc.) using waterslide decal transfers and sublimation printing.

Green Tick Iron onto fabrics (t-shirts, cushion covers, white aprons, etc.) with iron-on transfer paper.

Green Tick Display on a house number plaque.

Green Tick Print onto printable cross stitch material for that unique gift.

Green Tick Use as the image for a personalised jigsaw puzzle.

Green Tick Print onto blank printable greeting cards for that special personalised greeting card.

And many more.

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