Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most often asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries not covered below or on our website.

Question: Can I instantly download any coat of arms image?

Answer: This website provides instant downloads for some of the most popular coats of arms, but not every coat of arms available. There are literally hundreds of thousands of coats of arms available, so you can order for most surnames here.

Question: Are these coats of arms authentic?

Answer: Yes. They are taken from ancient records and publications, such as Burke’s General Armory, Riestap’s Armorial General, and for crests (the smaller image above the helmet), Fairbairn’s Book of Crests, amongst others. These were published during the 1800s and cover registered arms and crests up to the end of 1800 and into the early 1900s, spanning back and covering registrations over several centuries.

Question: Can I buy these coats of arms anywhere else?

Answer: We create these coats of arms images ourselves, so they are only available directly from us. However, we do have a few other heraldry related website, including NameHistory.uk and HistoryofNames.uk. We also list some of our products on eBay, Amazon and Etsy (please see our About Us page for details).

Question: Can I use the coat of arms image in any way I want?

Answer: You are free to use your image in any way you want, but you may not resell (make available free or for sale) the coats of arms images or use for commercial purposes. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Question: Do you register or grant new coats of arms?

Answer: No, we don’t provide a coat of arms registration service. We only create coats of arms images and products based on existing ancient coats of arms.

Question: Can you create a particular coat of arms image for me?

Answer: Normally we can. There are often more than one coat of arms associated with a surname. If there’s a particular one you’ve see and would like to make sure we use or create that version, please let us know when ordering. Otherwise, we normally use the oldest coat of arms most associated with the surname.

Question: How do I know I have the right coat of arms for my surname?

Answer: A personal coat of arms was, and still is, granted and registered to a person rather than a surname, so technically there is no right or wrong coats of arms. As they are registered under an individual’s surname, then a coat of arms bearing the same surname is considered ‘correct’ for that surname.